Kareri Lake Trek: This trek is a relatively lesser explored trek on a glacier lake.  For an avid traveller looking forward to explore the Himalayas, Kareri Lake trek is a promising one that is filled with spruce trees, a serene stream and green meadows. A night at the Kareri Lake under the moonlight will entice … Continue reading KARERI LAKE TREK: A STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND GETAWAY

Travel Diaries – Goechala. 16,200ft.

You've no idea how amazing those 10 days of my life were. Have you ever been lost in the surreal beauty of nature's changing landscapes? Have you ever been swept by fierce joy while being in the moment? Have you ever been aware of the spectacular attunement created by the elegance surrounding you?  A 10 day … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Goechala. 16,200ft.

The art of breathing and how it saved my life.

Scuba Diving in Maldives. I was a fool to think it'd be easy. With half knowledge on how to swim and hardly any practice in ages, I still assumed it would be a cake walk. Little did I know the art of breathing would be a game changer. Half hour past watching the training video, … Continue reading The art of breathing and how it saved my life.

Travel Diaries – Part 7

It's not always easy to plan a solo trip on low budget. But a solo trip let's you make your own plans, create your own experiences and live your own moments. And this particular trip of mine to Rajasthan helped me explore a little more on my own and enjoy a little more in my … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 7

Travel Diaries – Part 6

This particular bike trip to Lahaul valley was by far the most dangerous and the most amazing road trip I have ever taken. We rode through stones, dust, rains and clouds, besides the occasional good roads. Each moment during the ride was breathtaking with the view of beautiful sceneries and the fear of falling off … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 6

Travel Diaries – Part 5

I was in a dilemma whether or not to travel that weekend. I had choices in my head, and the mountains called me again. It was peak monsoon time and the threat of landslides as well as slippery trails warned me against taking a solo trip. I had been wanting to make an adventurous one … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 5