Dialogue. An end to mark a new beginning.

"Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation" - Amadeus Wolfe. Its been almost a year since I started Dialogue. A forum that brought people together to create, share and discuss ideas. I started this forum with a single idea of enhancing communication and discussions among people to add value both at an individual level … Continue reading Dialogue. An end to mark a new beginning.

At the dawn of broken dreams.

Amidst indefinite dreams to conquer and extraordinary things to achieve inside the valley of hope, my valiant thoughts fight to seek a good night's sleep inside a cozy blanket that hides my fears and failures. In between seven summits to climb and seven oceans to cross, those countless shells of pursuit, my glorious heart aches … Continue reading At the dawn of broken dreams.

Fractured Silhouette.

Not every sign of hope will betray when you're lost in the sanctity of muddled thoughts. Not every ray of sunshine will vanish when you're hovering in the horizon of perpetual darkness. Not every shade of light will fade when you're obscured in the silhouette of fractured spirits. Not every castle of dream will break … Continue reading Fractured Silhouette.

The forgotten values

The values we tried to imbibe through a pledge, an oath in synchronous harmony by the side of a bounded book, when we were naive and we chose to believe in the system that smelled of equality and peace, that encouraged us to practice honesty and trust. As we sought those forgotten values across the … Continue reading The forgotten values

Pursuit of a thousand dreams.

I'm restless in my journey like teeth that clutter in extreme cold, like strings of an instrument that resonate, sometimes in sync, sometimes otherwise as I hold that rage to chase my unconquered dreams. I'm uncertain about my direction unlike letters lost in the middle of a palindrome, unlike the rebirth of sun after dripping … Continue reading Pursuit of a thousand dreams.

You’re much more.

You're not who you think you are. Your life is yet to be filled with untold stories and unraveled mysteries, unsurpassed dreams, and untraveled places. You're all those parts that lie deep inside of you, unconquered by others, for only those parts can help you conquer your dreams. You're not just your failures, and moments … Continue reading You’re much more.

Let his mind unfold

His dreams had no boundaries and his thoughts no limitations, yet the fear of oblivion overpowered his reach for right destinations. He was in search of love, devoid of attachments. While fear of failure controlled his movements. Fear held on to him, dancing along with the wind. He was trapped, not wanting to leave any … Continue reading Let his mind unfold

He was waiting

When she wakes up every morning, ask her what things will make her happy for the day, and she will say: being with family, eating good food, working out to lose that extra pound of weight, having rewarding, meaningful conversations with friends, going an extra mile at workplace, dreaming about her goals, learning about interesting … Continue reading He was waiting

Paradigm shifts for a better life.

Arvind is a young 23-year old with big dreams, leading a happy life. A few months ago, this wasn't the case. He went through unproductive lifestyle, unhappy times, unsatisfied career and unsuccessful attempts at being successful. He was part of that particular community of his generation where happiness was short-lived and contentment was never in … Continue reading Paradigm shifts for a better life.

Game Changers

I had dreams and fantasies as a kid, like everyone else. Dreams that were way too ambitious. I wanted to be a space traveler, a billionaire philanthropist, a prime minister and the list goes on. My dreams seemed impossible and over ambitious, and just as I started growing up, I started giving up. No, I'm … Continue reading Game Changers