Moments and Promises.

Those moments they wander, urge and yearn for more amidst the clouds of despair where the memories daunt and the hope awakens. Moments where my lips parted under the darkness from her freckled cheeks and my mind embraced the thoughts of distilled solitude.   My promises are no more alive neither in her claims nor … Continue reading Moments and Promises.


Rebirth of fallen stars.

My mind expands in awe as I look up at the stars and contemplate the mysteries of the universe amidst the indefinite search for tranquil moments. I try to find the ones in those stars, the ones who created gods and corporations, the ones who built nations and empires, the ones who invented machines and … Continue reading Rebirth of fallen stars.

Shadow of his heart

She kissed him as he pulled her closer by her waist and I stood there trying hard to believe my eyes. Their lips were entangled as they flowed like poetry in motion. Soon their hands and bodies followed, stripping each others’ dress and soul. I pretended to close my eyes once in a while and … Continue reading Shadow of his heart

Building castles in the air.

One is always dazzled when he sees in others the qualities that he lacks himself. Qualities like grit, trust and love that he desperately wants to associate himself with. It was a ritual to lose himself in moments that dictated the taste of a  kiss or the depth of a conversation he unfolds in the … Continue reading Building castles in the air.