Moments and Promises.

Those moments they wander, urge and yearn for more amidst the clouds of despair where the memories daunt and the hope awakens. Moments where my lips parted under the darkness from her freckled cheeks and my mind embraced the thoughts of distilled solitude.   My promises are no more alive neither in her claims nor … Continue reading Moments and Promises.


I envy that.

I envy that in you. That little thing you own. That little thing which belongs to you but never reaches your own eyes unless it's a beautiful reflection or a captured memory. That little thing which gently rises across your lips and illuminates the world around you as it spreads. Your smile. A simple yet powerful … Continue reading I envy that.

Random conversations with you

Leave a comment (or ping me) about what makes you happy or about any of the moments mentioned below and I shall try to write you a story or poem about the same. Or maybe you could write me one? I believe in the power of having random deep conversations and penning them down with intricate … Continue reading Random conversations with you

Worst day of his life

“My whole world turned upside down in one heartbeat and yet everything looked normal. How could that be possible? The sun still shined and the birds still sang. The kids ran around and the sun set around the same time. Everything happened as usual. But everything happened like never before.” March 12, 2011 I didn't … Continue reading Worst day of his life