Since the dawn of the written word.

We've pondered over the how questions and sought asylum in the labels thrown around since the dawn of the written word. ‘How much can I do with someone before I can talk about it?’ ‘How close to the cliff can you get without falling off?‘ ‘How close to evil can I sneak without being labelled … Continue reading Since the dawn of the written word.


My heart beat wildly as her eyes moved to my lips. It took no conscious second thought for me to glance down her mouth, her full, sculptured lips – perhaps just the second thing I noticed about her on our first sight - the other being her glittering eyes that stole my breath, so unusual … Continue reading

My voice gathers.

The day I was born, the rules of patriarchy carved themselves in my thoughts and words, notions settled in my thick blood that humans are defined only as “men” and “women”, that men are dominant, that men are powerful and more importantly (disturbingly) that men are protectors. As I started to grow, those notions took … Continue reading My voice gathers.