I envy that.

I envy that in you. That little thing you own. That little thing which belongs to you but never reaches your own eyes unless it's a beautiful reflection or a captured memory. That little thing which gently rises across your lips and illuminates the world around you as it spreads. Your smile. A simple yet powerful … Continue reading I envy that.


Stop and smile.

There are a few days when life seems perfect and there are most days when it's an effort to even get up from bed. There are days when you don't want to move and you want be alone. There are days when you're lost in your own thoughts, worrying about things. You'd probably feelgood to … Continue reading Stop and smile.

Travel Diaries – Part 7

It's not always easy to plan a solo trip on low budget. But a solo trip let's you make your own plans, create your own experiences and live your own moments. And this particular trip of mine to Rajasthan helped me explore a little more on my own and enjoy a little more in my … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 7

The most beautiful bond

I'm reading a book sitting by the window seat, on the bus, desperately waiting to finish the chapter. The moment I finish, I look beside and find a woman, probably in her late twenties, playing with her daughter. They are completely in the moment. The daughter is probably 2 years old or so. I sometimes … Continue reading The most beautiful bond

Travel Diaries – Part 6

This particular bike trip to Lahaul valley was by far the most dangerous and the most amazing road trip I have ever taken. We rode through stones, dust, rains and clouds, besides the occasional good roads. Each moment during the ride was breathtaking with the view of beautiful sceneries and the fear of falling off … Continue reading Travel Diaries – Part 6