Shadow of his heart

She kissed him as he pulled her closer by her waist and I stood there trying hard to believe my eyes. Their lips were entangled as they flowed like poetry in motion. Soon their hands and bodies followed, stripping each others’ dress and soul. I pretended to close my eyes once in a while and … Continue reading Shadow of his heart


The noise inside my head.

There are days when I feel I'm on top of the world and then there are days when getting up from bed is an ordeal. And just when I am struggling to get up from my bed, I stumble upon this happy online post of a friend. He seems to be the person who is sorted … Continue reading The noise inside my head.

Random conversations with you

Leave a comment (or ping me) about what makes you happy or about any of the moments mentioned below and I shall try to write you a story or poem about the same. Or maybe you could write me one? I believe in the power of having random deep conversations and penning them down with intricate … Continue reading Random conversations with you

An unexpected twist to an ordinary tale.

She said she wanted to meet me as she had something to confess. I never had the courage to tell her the truth. I was slightly happy and largely nervous to meet her. Little did I know that all my dreams, all my hopes and all my imaginary plans that I had built would be … Continue reading An unexpected twist to an ordinary tale.

Worst day of his life

“My whole world turned upside down in one heartbeat and yet everything looked normal. How could that be possible? The sun still shined and the birds still sang. The kids ran around and the sun set around the same time. Everything happened as usual. But everything happened like never before.” March 12, 2011 I didn't … Continue reading Worst day of his life

How lucky are you?

A man and a woman kissed each other and loved each other, 9 months before you were born. The thing which changed the course of their lives forever, among the many other things that were about to happen to them. They loved you, and showed it, in excess, in abandon, it must have been amazing, … Continue reading How lucky are you?