The heartbeat in my silent words.

There are times when asked the question ‘Who are you?’ I don’t sound like the way I want to be heard. I claim to identify myself as a man as per the norms but not all my challenges be solved by “growing a pair.” Occasionally I get called as a reader, writer or speaker yet … Continue reading The heartbeat in my silent words.


Iridescent Light

Slipping down into the memory lane, an iridescent light reminds me of her words that cast a long shadow over me. Words she dropped on me like cigarette ashes as they burned and left a mark on me of how imperfect I was, of how she was never meant to be even an incomplete part … Continue reading Iridescent Light

Pursuit of a thousand dreams.

I'm restless in my journey like teeth that clutter in extreme cold, like strings of an instrument that resonate, sometimes in sync, sometimes otherwise as I hold that rage to chase my unconquered dreams. I'm uncertain about my direction unlike letters lost in the middle of a palindrome, unlike the rebirth of sun after dripping … Continue reading Pursuit of a thousand dreams.

Words define who you are

Words can break a long silence but they can also create one. Words go down deep into a person’s soul. Words can comfort or humiliate us, make us laugh or cry, find us peace or incite violence. Words have created fights, divorces, murders and wars. Words that we use can be uplifting or detrimental. Fortunately … Continue reading Words define who you are