An ocean of silent words.

I try to find an ocean of silent words and let the waves carry me across to a world that accepts everyone for who they are. Queer or straight, male or female, monogamous or poly-amorous, white or yellow or brown or black. As a straight male, I enjoy a good majority and I hope not … Continue reading An ocean of silent words.


Let his mind unfold

His dreams had no boundaries and his thoughts no limitations, yet the fear of oblivion overpowered his reach for right destinations. He was in search of love, devoid of attachments. While fear of failure controlled his movements. Fear held on to him, dancing along with the wind. He was trapped, not wanting to leave any … Continue reading Let his mind unfold

Game Changers

I had dreams and fantasies as a kid, like everyone else. Dreams that were way too ambitious. I wanted to be a space traveler, a billionaire philanthropist, a prime minister and the list goes on. My dreams seemed impossible and over ambitious, and just as I started growing up, I started giving up. No, I'm … Continue reading Game Changers